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Vexations (840 days)

2015-2018 | Project

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2015年9月21日、戦後70年という節目の年に自民党政権による新安全保障法制の強行採決が行われた。その日から『Vexations(嫌がらせ)』(作曲:Eric Satie)を1日1反復、840日かけて演奏/録音を行い、その場所の緯度経度を記した音源を音声共有プラットフォームにて公開するというプロジェクトを開始。国内外、公私様々な場所で演奏/録音し、誰もいない国会前でも演奏/録音を行った。

On September 21, 2015, the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party forced the adoption of a new security law. On that day, I started a project to perform/record "Vexations (Harassment)" (composed by Eric Satie) for 840 days, one iteration per day, and publish the sound files with the latitude and longitude of the location on an audio sharing platform. I performed and recorded at various public and private places in Japan and abroad, and even performed and recorded in front of the National Diet where no one was present.



[Play/record] Rytoa Fujiguchi

[from] 2015.9.21
[till] 2018.1.5

Production still by Shinya Aoyma